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Glenn Harrington B.Sc. Hons. PhD.

Director and Principal Hydrogeologist

Glenn is a highly motivated and widely respected hydrogeologist with more than 20 years experience in groundwater assessment and management. He began his professional career in the South Australian Government where he worked for many years in a variety of roles ranging from research and technical assessment through to policy development and senior management. After a year working abroad as a postdoctoral scientist in Canada, Glenn had another two-year stint in state government before moving into the private sector for a year. From 2008 to 2013 Glenn was the Groundwater Research Stream Leader at CSIRO Water for a Healthy Country Flagship and was responsible for managing large, multi-disciplinary projects in many parts of the country, including northern Australia and Tasmania.

Glenn has considerable technical expertise in arid zone hydrology, estimating fluid flow and solute transport in aquitards (i.e., low-permeability rocks), surface water-groundwater interaction, isotope hydrology, environmental geochemistry and groundwater modelling. He has published widely in the international, peer-reviewed scientific literature, and has attended numerous international conferences including many as an invited speaker. Glenn has served on a number of committees including the Technical Audit Panel for the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment. He has also worked with the International Atomic Energy Agency, both as a technical consultant (Vietnam) and as an active participant in Coordinated Research Projects (USA and Austria).

Glenn’s country upbringing, coupled with his diverse professional experience, has enabled him to work aptly at the interface between science and policy in rural and remote regions of Australia.

Nikki Harrington B.Sc. Hons. PhD.

Principal Hydrogeologist

Nikki has over ten years of experience in the application of environmental tracer techniques and numerical modelling approaches to improve the conceptualization of groundwater flow systems. She has worked across government, the private sector and university environments. Nikki has a demonstrated ability to deliver high quality technical work to support Groundwater Sustainability and Management, and a strong commitment to understanding and addressing stakeholder needs.

Nikki began her career in the consulting sector, after which she completed her PhD at Flinders University in 2004, on the use of environmental tracers and numerical modelling to investigate the movement of brines below salt lakes. During the following seven years working in State Government, Nikki was involved in numerous projects applying environmental tracer and numerical modelling techniques to resource assessment investigations in the Murray Basin, Eyre Peninsula and the South East of South Australia. Here, she developed an understanding of water management policy and a keen interest in providing the science to underpin policy decisions. A post-doctoral fellowship in Saskatchewan, Canada, broadened her experience to a wider range of geological and hydrochemical settings. Before recently joining IGS, Nikki was a Research Associate at the National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training, where she was Project Leader for the Goyder Institute funded South East Regional Water Balance project – a major initiative that constructed a regional numerical groundwater flow model to support the Water Allocation Plan for the Lower Limestone Coast region of SA.

Andrew Herczeg BSc, Hons; MA; MPhil; PhD.

Principal Hydrogeochemist

Andrew is a geochemist and hydrologist with more than 35 years of research, consulting and project management experience. He spent 24 years at CSIRO as a senior scientist and research program leader in Hydrology and now works as a freelance geochemist on a range of environmental problems. Andrew also spent nearly 10 years in academia and 2 years at the International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, where he coordinated many of the arid-zone projects in the Middle East and East Africa. He has 250 publications including 110 in the international scientific literature and numerous consulting reports.

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