Groundwater Resource Assessments

The IGS team has more than 20 years of experience in planning and executing regional-scale groundwater resource assessments. Projects can range in complexity from compilations of existing hydrogeological data into conceptual models and aquifer water balances, through to field-based studies using chemical and isotopic tracers to identify groundwater flow paths and quantify residence times, flow rates, inter-aquifer leakage, recharge and discharge. We commonly use numerical models to assimilate this information and to predict aquifer responses to selected climate or management scenarios.

Salinization of groundwater resources is an ongoing problem in Australia. Addressing this process in individual areas requires an understanding of the physical and chemical controls on groundwater salinity, which may be natural or man-made. When this is achieved, methods of mitigating groundwater salinity increase can be identified. IGS has experience in characterising and quantifying natural and man-made groundwater salinization processes.

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